Quinta-feira, 7 de Abril de 2011

MINIATURAS - Construcción & Coleccionismo July/August 2010




Another article published by this revue last Summer -issue nr. 151






Click on the photo or increase the zoom to read. I'm sorry, it's written in Spanish and I suppose the automatic translator doesn't work in those cases...


In my next post you'll find a tutorial for the chinese birdcage you see in the first photo of this page.









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Quarta-feira, 6 de Abril de 2011

Tom Bishop Show - Madrid, November 2010

This is the only photo I have of the show. I shared a table with my friend Ana Maria Morgado. Take a look at her Blog.



She has an exceptional work!



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Domingo, 3 de Abril de 2011

Arts & Crafts - New pieces

Well, "new" is a funny way to call them!!! They were new last November!!! Those pieces were made to present at Tom Bishop Show in Madrid.

This time I decide to choose Arts & Crafts style. The exception is the Victorian birdcage and an ebonised table, topped with a very thin leaf of wallnut roots.

The Show was not good (business speaking). Everybody was complaining in the end. The economic crisis is spread along all Europe.

Madrid is very near from Portugal and the expenses are not too much but for those who came from more distant countries were very disappointed. Let’s hope better times arrive soon.

Thanks God I have a very good customer in USA! All those pieces were sold as soon as I arrived from the Show.

Mr. Greg Madl from Swan House Miniatures told me that some of them were sold immediately! Sometimes he has no time to take photos to put  on his WebPage! It  happened with the Colonial armchairs I show in my last post as well as with many other pieces before.

I love miniatures, I love my work but it’s a great incentive that other people likes them too and are so interested till the point to pay for them! Is the best recognition we can have. Everybody knows its not impossible but very difficult to live on this kind of work, but when we sell we can go on, developing our skills, buying new materials, new tools (which are expensive), and dedicate more time to study and research.





Arts & Crafts style table with some accessories - books, inkpot and penstand










Actual ebonised table














Victorian birdcage with a wood sculpted bird (detail)









Arts & Crafts - Aesthetic Movement  style desk and chair. Both are finished with real leather. I made the handles for the drawers. I couldn't find appropriate models in the market.




I don't like to present those pieces without accessories, so I did these. A table lamp, an ikpot, a pen and a tinny greetings card.




An Aesthetic Movement style flower stand and, below a photo to see detailed carved work


















Arts & Crafts side table












A pair of Aesthetic Movement style  armchairs with real leather seats













Aesthetic Movement style flowerpot. Built of walnut, hand embossed brass on four sides and handcarved feet




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Sábado, 2 de Abril de 2011

Spanish Colonial Armchairs















It’s impossible!!! My professional life doesn’t allow me time for Blogs! Everyday I must choose between making miniatures or actualise this Blog! Miniatures win always, of course!

Last time I promised to show more photos from this pair of Spanish Colonial armchairs.

Here they are. But I’ll show  too, a different way I found for the canned seat. I won’t explain it by words. Photos show it better. I used the “classical” gauze as everybody but I decided to improve it with a diagonal crossed thread (the same thickness as the gauze) as you can see on the photos bellow. It’s easy and the result is much more real! Try it.













After cutting to fit the right size, a little paint: ochre, white and a touch of burnt sienna and it's ready!

























Promise accomplished, I'll be back as soon as possible.

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Sábado, 20 de Novembro de 2010

I'm back!

After so many months without posting I found all different!!! The interface is not the same and I had to check everything before I was sure that it works. But here are the news.

Once my granddaughter's dollhouse was finished, I started new pieces.



A pair of caned colonial chairs.


As soon as I can I'll show different views from them.



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Domingo, 7 de Março de 2010


A Dolls House for my grand daughter Joana. She is now 7 years old and we live far from each other - about 300km between us. I think she is in a good age to get the "virus" of miniatures.

Two years ago I started collecting a dolls house. A weekly publication from Planeta de Agostinni - "Casa de Praia" (What means Beach House). The collection finished last December.

Since last two months I've been building and decorating it. All the miniatures inside belong to the collection and were sold with an instalment (fascicule). Of course I added a few details. Nothing special, only to compose the scenes here and there or to substitute some pieces I didn't like. 

It was the first time I did such a work and I was very curious to know the sensation. It's funny!

Not so easy to build, (some parts of the structure had not the exact cut) but now it's almost ready. Only the curtains are missing. (The ones of the collection are really bad!!!) I'll try to change them a little, and next week, I hope, it's finished.

The front pannel is too big and heavy and for openning without problems I have to reinforce the hinges. And that's all.

I need to start preparing my next show. Definitivly building dolls houses is not my favourite hobby! Within two years we'll speak about it again because I already started another collection from the same editor - The rustic house. It's for my other grand daughter Sofia. She is now 5 years old and is Joana's sister.



and some details of the interior




The living




The kitchen





The baby's room



The parent's room




The bathroom




The yard




I hope she likes...


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Quarta-feira, 17 de Fevereiro de 2010

A classical Portuguese carpet - Arraiolos style

Another team work!

This time, Gisela Silvestre and I, we adapted the design from a traditional Portuguese carpet. It's from Arraiolos a small and very beautiful village in the center-south of Portugal, internationally known by its famous tapestries.

Embroidered in a simple "petit point" once the typical Arraiolos stich is not valorised in a miniature work, the main field is deep green with tinny buttons surrounded by a frieze of delicate pink roses on a light cream background, following a classical design.

The result is "super". The work of Gisela is preciously perfect! I would love to have one, real scale, for my home. 


Bellow, some pictures of details



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Quarta-feira, 20 de Janeiro de 2010

Out of date but always in time


As I've told before I'm a teacher in a regular school in Algarve (south of Portugal). I teach all kinds of visual arts and artistic technologies. My pupils are children from 10 to 14 years old, usually grouped in about 16/20 each class.
It's a very hard job!!! Nowadays children know very well that money can buy almost everything so, convince them that handwork can be fun as well as a good mind developer (besides the natural utility) is really something... but I started teaching in 1972 and I never gave up making them learn that and many other principles.
By accident I found the word of miniatures and also by accident I discovered that those children like miniatures too. Every year I introduce them to the small world of miniatures with simple projects. The difficulty of the tinny scales is compensated by the great variety of techniques I can teach in a short time. Dividing the class in smaller groups, every group works with a different technique and after they teach the other colleges.  
Last year, with one class, I could go further. We took 6 months working in a special project. Three times a week, 90 minutes each time, they learned the way of living in a small village from the North of Portugal during the beginnings of the 19th century. They research books and Web. With the help of my partner, teacher Orlando Lopes, they could show their work.
And I’m very proud to show it to you too.
I must say that we didn’t follow any rigorous scale. Their work flew according to the measures and proportions of the human body as they started by doing the inhabitants and their clothes. Lots of different materials were used but mainly natural materials, paper, modelling paste and of course lots of glue!…
And please, remember this was made by children! Enjoy it.

Global view


And some details









































































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Domingo, 27 de Dezembro de 2009

I wish a...

and that all your dreams come true!

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Sábado, 19 de Dezembro de 2009

Merry Christmas

with love, money, health and... miniatures!!!

Thanks to CRAZY.FRANKENSTEIN.COM for the lovely image

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Domingo, 6 de Dezembro de 2009

Something special...

... for a special friend.


We (me and Ana Maria Morgado) wanted to offer one of our miniatures to a friend we have in common. We thought that a team work would result better and could be better apreciated. So, we decide to create something expressly for the situation.


I carved the frame which Ana Maria finished , she painted the lovely flowers (oil on canvas) and I built and finished the easel. 


We both had a great pleasure doing this special work. Friendship deserves all our care and has to be corresponded.  


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A few of my favourite

A tea table inspired by oriental design, black teinted and hand painted



A flower table Art Nouveau style


Two birdcages, a decorative plate inspired by the portuguese pottery of Alcobaça, and a large vase hand painted, with dry natural flowers



A blue tray, hand painted and my own design


A rustic tray with hand painted tiles. My own design too.

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What can I say?...

After three weeks of a well deserved rest here I am again. I have no special news. By this time all of you know probably more about Tom Bishop Show than myself.  In spite of being there I didn't see too much. Me and Ana Maria Morgado presented the best work we could do. And we worked really hard.


During the show all exhibitors were very busy including us. We had to deal with the public  and at the same time we needed to surveil our table. There are people who insist on touching and holding the exposed items and we had to take care.


From time to time we needed to make a litle break for a tea or coffee. Two entire days in front of a table is too much and we were not used to that.


Saturday morning there were not so many people as last year I think, but my point of view this time was different. Last year I was on the public side.


I didn't take photos from other exhibitors. No time for that! In a flash the show was finished.


On Sunday, at lunch time and during the afternoon, we received the visit of some well known artists also presented in the show -  Pete Acquisto, Ron Hubble, among others. They came all with the same intention - to wellcome me and Ana Maria  and adding to this they encouraged us to go further. We heard the same enthousiastic words from Mr. Tom Bishop, from Madelva Fernadez  ( directress of MINIATURAS revue) as well as from lots of people from the anonymus public and of course from our customers. 


In the end I was very proud, very tired  and at the same time confused. Everything was so fast that I needed till today to put my mind in order. It was no doubt a very good experience, but from now on I have the doubble of the responsability. I must improve more and more. Thats for sure!


And here is our table.


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Sábado, 10 de Outubro de 2009

A big challenge!!!

Within a month, next 14th and 15th  November I'll be present at my first Miniatures Show as a dealer! It will be in Madrid at Tom Bishop's Show, a very well known show which means a great responsability. As much as I know, there will be 149 artists from many countries, included Portugal of course.

I'm preparing it since last year. From time to time, I think it is  boldness! As I've told before, I started this work recently.   I have a long practice, more than 30 years, with different artistic expressions, but miniatures need other skills. I tried to develop them, working hard every day.

I'll be there, side by side, with a great artist and a great friend too, with whom I have learned a lot during this time - Ana Maria Morgado. You can see her marvellous work in her blog 


Each piece I'll present was built from scratch, inspired here and there by real pieces, carefully chosen. Sometimes the choice was difficult. There are undreds of masterpieces I'd like to try...

Now, is time to start thinking how to present them to the public. I must admit that it's not easy. I have to travel to a foreign country, carrying everything I remember that may be usefull or needed. I'm a little bit nervous about that... I want  that everything will be perfect. I hope I'll achieve it.

Here is my first trial. I hope  you like it.


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Quarta-feira, 7 de Outubro de 2009

"Encased nostalgia"


Again another British "coup".
Because, according to everybody's judgment, they are accountable for the bird-cage trend - without birds in them - to have in one's home.
This must, undoubtedly have been, a craving to let nature in around you. In the beginning, these bird-cages were meant to stay outside.
In any case, what is absolutely certain,  is that these small hanging houses exude real poetry.
The one shown here is made of tainted wood, it has three turrets, and dates from early twentieth century.
This is the replica, in a 1/12 scale, of an original belonging in 1991 to a French Antique dealer, Marc Bouchetar, Marché Paul-Bert, published in number 448 of the magazine "Maison Française".





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